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Who Needs A Song?

Who Needs A Song?

Like me, I know many of you out there turn to music for a bit of inspiration when you’re down and out.  If you know me or if you toured my website, you’ll learn quickly that the birth of my son, Jacob, who was diagnosed with CHD (a congenital heart defect), rekindled the musical spark in me in 2009.  After returning to music in my effort to raise funding and awareness for CHD I almost completely lost the upper register of my singing voice in 2012.  Now that I’m healed and healthy again, my inclination is to write music and sing!  Like my cause for CHD, I want to sing for something GOOD!

Why Am I Doing This? 

As far back as I can remember I have always been driven to help others.  In fact, one of my goals each day is to make a stranger laugh, or at least smile.  Now with I want to make the time to learn and perform a song for YOU!  Whether you’re going through a life altering experience, or if you simply had a bad day, email me your story, and I’ll make every effort to learn your song and perform it for you on YouTube.  If I can use what God gave me to help you find YOUR voice once again, my mission is accomplished!

Here’s How It Works…

  1. Email me your story at or just message me through my Facebook page:
  2. Be sure to include the title of the song you would like me to play along with the artist.
  3. If your request is something I can’t perform well enough to give you a smile back, I’ll message you and hopefully you can make another request.  I sing and play acoustic guitar, so I can’t make every song work.
  4. I will try to learn all songs on a first come first serve basis.
  5. When I’m done creating the video, I’ll message you back that it was posted.
  6. Please note that I want these videos to be personal, so I will use your first name as well as a brief explanation of your story and why you requested a song.  If you don’t want your name mentioned, just let me know.
  7. From time to time, I’ll turn to other artists to help me out.  IF YOU’RE AN ARTIST THAT WOULD LIKE TO HELP MAKE OTHERS SMILE>>> LET ME KNOW!!

All I can guarantee is that I’ll do my absolute BEST to make your song work for you.  I haven’t sold 10 million albums nor have I won any awards for music (I think the last one was in middle school), however I promise to give it everything I’ve got!

I hope the music helps you find YOUR VOICE once again!

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, and please share with someone you care about!

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